Mario Casciaro - Company Message
To the hundreds of people who have supported us-- our dear friends, family, co-workers, employees, vendors, suppliers, customers and people in the community-- We thank you!! We thank you for your prayers, phone calls, letters, cards, flowers, for supporting Mario in court and for the  monetary contributions that have helped us with our legal fees. We are very optimistic that the Appellate Court will overturn this decision and we are prepared to go to the Supreme Court if we need to. People of McHenry County, please pay close attention to this case. It is the only one of its kind. This case has set a precedent in the United States. Mario is the only person in the United States that has been convicted of Felony Murder by Intimidation.  The elected officials in the county are making some horrible decisions by rewarding criminals and convicting the innocent.  Today, this happened to our family. Tomorrow, it could happen to yours. 
We believe the McHenry County State's Attorney's office was wrong in charging Mario Casciaro with Murder by Intimidation. We believe they abused their power in office and have acted unethically in the pursuit of closing a decade old, high profile case. Their unethical conduct has allowed them to obtain a conviction against Mario Casciaro, however, they convicted the wrong person, and there are still no answers as to what happened to Brian Carrick. This case remains unsolved. McHenry County has given multiple felons immunity, a get-out-of-jail-free card and leniency in exchange for their testimony. What criminal would not take a deal like that?  These witnesses have failed their polygraph tests and the testimony they gave was unfounded, unsubstantiated and worst of all, inconsistent.  Their own witnesses have spoken out against them outside of court. Their own office has been quoted in local papers as saying about one of his witnesses "if he doesn't cooperate, he gets charged with homicide." That is intimidation. This office charged Mario Casciaro with intimidation, but in fact, they are the intimidators.  It is their office that has the power and authority to give immunity and cut deals to anybody they choose, and they do not have to answer to anybody. 
As a result, our society now has a five-time felon and two hard core drug dealers living among us, one of which assaulted two people soon after he was released from prison.   This is not the pursuit of justice. Winning a case rather than prosecuting the right person/persons for this alleged crime should not be more important.  It is outrageous that Mario Casciaro has been found guilty and is facing a life behind bars. He had no criminal record, he is educated and he contributed positively to society.  He became a scapegoat for people who got caught up in trouble and had no way out.  
Please remember, there is no physical evidence linking Mario to any crime and no eyewitnesses observing him doing anything wrong on December 20, 2002.  In fact, all the physical evidence including fingerprints and blood samples collected by the forensic experts (hired by McHenry) point to someone other than Mario.  This factual information was completely disregarded by prosecutors because it does not fit with the story that they want to portray. All the lies that were told by their criminal witnesses should have never superceded the forensic and physical evidence found at the alleged crime scene.  
Most importantly, if their story is to be believed, he did not deliver the alleged fatal blow that may or may not have killed the victim. Yet, the person they believe committed the act, is free.  When given several opportunities to provide information concerning the whereabouts of the victim to avoid spending his life in prison, Mario was unable to provide this information. We believe this proves his innocence above and beyond a reasonable doubt. He does not know, he has never known.  Mario is innocent. He loved Brian and would have never harmed him in any way.
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