Mario Casciaro - Company Message
To the hundreds of people who have supported us-- our dear friends, family, co-workers, employees, vendors, suppliers, customers and people in the community-- We thank you!! We thank you for your prayers, phone calls, letters, cards, flowers, for supporting Mario in court and for the  monetary contributions that have helped us with our legal fees. We are very confident that the Appellate Court will overturn this decision and we are prepared to go to the Supreme Court if we need to. People of McHenry County, please pay close attention to this case. It is the only one of its kind. This case has set a precedent in the United States. Mario is the only person in the United States that has been convicted of Felony Murder by IntimidationToday, this happened to our family. Tomorrow, it could happen to yours. 
Please remember, there is no physical evidence linking Mario to any crime and no eyewitnesses observing him doing anything wrong on December 20, 2002.  In fact, all the physical evidence including fingerprints and blood samples collected by the forensic experts (hired by McHenry) point to someone other than Mario.  
 When given several opportunities to provide information concerning the whereabouts of the victim to avoid spending his life in prison, Mario was unable to provide this information. We believe this proves his innocence above and beyond a reasonable doubt. He does not know, he has never known.  Mario is innocent. He loved Brian and would have never harmed him in any way.
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