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Mario Casciaro's conviction  reversed!! ASA who helped wrongfully convict him investigated for domestic violence! 

     Almost 13 years after a teenage Brian Carrick disappeared, the only person ever to be convicted in his presumed death walked out of prison Wednesday.

"We are outraged at the way the JPD handled this case. We cannot believe that they threw out the most crucial piece of evidence so far, the bloody underwear. We cannot understand what would motivate them to do this. We want answers! " The Casciaro Family 11-12-14

Subject: Response to Letter
"We notice that none of our questions about Rob Render have been answered. It is not "character assassination" to raise issues about another suspects involvement in a murder. In fact it is a protected form of free speech. We have raised all of these issues in our post-conviction petition with supporting evidence. Rob Render's blood was not at the scene because he bit his fingernails. HIS NAILS WERE INTACT. See Dr. Blum's affidavit. The JPD had no right to toss the underwear without disclosing it and letting it be tested. Chief Von Alleman is not a forensic scientist. Destroying this evidence violated Mario's constitutional rights.  We are "outraged" too that our brother is facing years in prison for a crime he did not commit. The fact Render is deceased does not remove him from scrutiny. the prosecutor claims that you cannot date Renders blood, this is equally true for Carrick's blood. Answer our questions about Rob Render and we will stop asking them." The Casciaro family 11-16-14

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Ryan Ferguson defends Amanda Knox & Mario Casciaro

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