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"We are outraged at the way the JPD handled this case. We cannot believe that they threw out the most crucial piece of evidence so far, the bloody underwear. We cannot understand what would motivate them to do this. We want answers! " The Casciaro Family

Our family wants to know how Johnsburg police eliminated Rob Render as a suspect in the disappearance of Brian Carrick.

This is a simple and reasonable request for us to make because of these facts:

1.Only Render’s blood and bloody fingerprint were at the crime scene with Brian Carrick’s. Neither Mario Casciaro nor Shane Lamb had any of their blood or fingerprints at the crime scene....

2. Only Render told a witness, a week before the attack on Carrick, that he disliked Carrick and was planning to attack him with a weapon.

3. Only Render was who Carrick was looking for when he entered Val’s for the last time before his disappearance because Render owed him money.

4. Only Render said he was cut in the attack on Carrick and went in the bathroom to bandage himself.

5. Only Render claimed that when the garbage was dumped he saw “legs” and “feet” in a garbage bag that “theoretically” could have belonged to Carrick.

6. Only Render knew there had been a knife attack outside of the cooler. (Render claimed Lamb cut him with a knife outside the cooler.)

7. Only Render was missing for one to two hours that night.

8. Only Render was not eating pizza in the break room with Casciaro, Eddie Carrick and others from 6:45 to 7 p.m.

9. Only Render’s clothes were seized from his garbage Dec. 26, 2002, by Johnsburg police and Illinois State Police but never tested.

10. Only Render was seen by the mop room after the incident with a mop, and the cooler was mopped that night, which was never done.

11. Only Render asked Lorenzo Vallone before 7 p.m. for the key to the southeast exit door lock.

12. Only Render left the key in the southeast exit door.

13. Only Render’s blood was found in three places on the southeast exit door.

14. Only Render was wearing pants that were observed to have wet, red stains on them.

15. Only Render was found to have $100 in cash in his pocket later that night, even though he was not allowed to have cash and Brian Carrick was known to have $100 in his pocket.

16. Only Render stated on the night of the incident to a witness that there had been a fight in the cooler.

17. Only Render appeared at the store at 8 a.m. Saturday and continued cleaning up the cooler.

"We notice that none of our questions about Rob Render have been answered. It is not "character assassination" to raise issues about another suspects involvement in a murder. In fact it is a protected form of free speech. We have raised all of these issues in our post-conviction petition with supporting evidence. Rob Render's blood was not at the scene because he bit his fingernails. HIS NAILS WERE INTACT. See Dr. Blum's affidavit. The JPD had no right to toss the underwear without disclosing it and letting it be tested. Chief Von Alleman is not a forensic scientist. Destroying this evidence violated Mario's constitutional rights.  We are "outraged" too that our brother is facing years in prison for a crime he did not commit. The fact Render is deceased does not remove him from scrutiny. the prosecutor claims that you cannot date Renders blood, this is equally true for Carrick's blood. Answer our questions about Rob Render and we will stop asking them."
The Casciaro family
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