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     Sentencing Statement 
By: Mario Casciaro Nov. 14th
I am a peaceful person who has never resorted to violence in my entire life, and I cannot take responsibility for something I did not do. My father has always told me the pen is mightier than the sword, and I have always lived up to that motto. I would never jeopardize my family, my life and my freedom for a small amount of marijuana, not to mention cover up a murder for Shane Lamb, a person I knew in passing instead of helping a loyal family, the Carricks, who assisted my family run our business for over a decade.
At the time of Brian Carrick's disappearance I was a 19 yr. old full time college student at MCC, living with my parents at their home in Johnsburg and driving a 10 yr. old Jeep my Dad bought for me. I was working 2 jobs to save money for my anticipated journey to Illinois State University so I can make something of my life. I have never been a drug kingpin or the leader of a drug cartel as the State claims. This is not Colombia and I am not Pablo Escobar.
Despite my conviction the unanswered questions in this case are still unanswered. 
1. Why, if Shane Lamb is considered a "blunt force instrument", has he been set free to further endanger society?
2. Why is there no phone call or record of any communication between myself and Shane Lamb on the date of Brian's disappearance? 
3. Why is Robert Render's blood all over the presumed crime scene? And why was he missing for a long period of time that night?
4. Why was there no investigation of Rob Render's alleged theft of store liquor and sale to minors as a possible motive for Brian's disappearance since Brian was the one who reported the thefts to store management?
5. Why were Render and Lamb the only employees who stopped working at the store after Brian's disappearance? Eddie, Jacob, the remainder of the staff and I continued to work at Val's because we knew nothing about what had happened to Brian.
6. Why did the alarm company verify there was no motion in the building and that the building was secured at closing time if my family was involved in a clean up and cover up?
7. Why, if I was involved and trying to conceal a crime, would my family consent to a search of the property and not clean up overnight when the store was closed?
Mr. Carrick, you have lived for many years with the loss of your son, Brian, and now my father is about to lose his son for many years. Both families have paid a terrible price for what has happened in the name of justice. But I know the day will come when real justice will be done and you will see that I am innocent and we will all know the truth about Brian's disappearance. Until that day, I swear to you from the depths of my heart and soul that I did nothing to Brian. Brian was like a brother to me and I share your grief over your loss. My father treated Brian like a son. Now he has lost both of us, and I grieve for him as well. 
Your Honor, I stand before you as a man who is legally guilty--because I was convicted by a jury, but I am a man who is factually innocent--MC
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