Mario Casciaro - Company Message
Shanna Sayadian-Mario is my cousin and he has been in my life for thirty years and I have loved every second of those years. Not just because he is family but because of his heart, smile, honesty and his generosity. In thirty years I have never seen Mario put his needs before his others no matter what the circumstances were. We are a very close family and we were all raised the same with respect, morals and strong family values.  To treat people how you wish to be treated, help people in need and support and love your family. Mario is no exception to our family values in fact he is a role model for them. He is a caring brother who has always supported his siblings, he is the fun uncle his nieces love to visit, he is a wonderful son that always respected his parents and he is cousin you love to spend time with. I am so proud of my cousin and so lucky to have been raised in such great family.  Not being able to see Mario when we want or call him if we need him leaves a huge whole in our family and all of our hearts that no one can replace.

Nick,Tram, Christian, Julian and Lily- We have known Mario for 23 years. I have watched him grow from a sweet innocent boy to a respectful and courteous young man. He has deep family values instilled in him because he comes from one who are very close despite the distance. He respects the sanctuary of family. For example, even though he has a bachelors degree in business, he chose to put his career on hold while helping out with the family business.  He is dependable and true to his word. I know that if I needed help, he would drop everything to help me even though I am an hour away. 
When I see him, he not only asks me about my children but he will also take the time to talk to them. He genuinely loves kids and is hoping to have his own one day. He said he will raise them with the same virtues and ethics his parents bestowed on him and his siblings.
Like many foreigners, his parents came to this country to give opportunities and make a better life for their children.  All of the Casciaro children have made their parents proud by going to college and pursuing their dreams. The hardship and facing the unknown when they came to America paid off. Mario is one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable person I know, and I work amongst doctors and nurses. He has a lot of good to contribute to society. Mario we love you to the moon and back.

Lydia Pelini-Mario is the son of my twin brother Jerry Casciaro.  Jerry and I have always been very close and we raised are children the same.  I know Mario very well he is just like my three boys honest, humble, generous and respectful. Over the years I watched Mario grow up, mature and became a man my brother can be proud of. My brother and I came to this country to build a beautiful life for our families.  We didn’t always have much but everything we did have was ours we worked hard and struggled every day to provide for our families. My brother and I are so grateful for all the years we have had with our beautiful family. Mario puts a smile on my brothers face every day that no one will ever take away.
Sevan Sayadian-I had the honor of meeting Mario nine years ago when I met my wife and married into this family. At first I was overwhelmed because there were so many of them but they made me part of the family minutes after meeting me.  I am proud to be part of a family that cares so much and spends so much time together. They are always there when someone needs them. The way they all love and respect each other is the definition of what a family is supposed to be.  Mario is a huge part of that family and we will all be devastated without him. Mario has always been great to me, my wife and our three kids. He is generous, self-less and kind. I am proud to raise my kids in this family and I can only hope they grow up to be as respectful and loving as Mario and the rest of this amazing family.
Adam O'Sullivan-Having grown up in Johnsburg, IL, I have known Mario and the Casciaro family for some time.  He was a bit younger than I while attending school, so my interaction with him was always somewhat limited until about 5 or 6 years ago, after we had both graduated from college.  Since then, I consider Mario to be a good friend and someone that I trust in and believe in very much. Whether it is going boating, to a movie, playing in/attending a sporting event, or just hanging out around town, I have always enjoyed Mario’s company and have witnessed his kind-hearted nature toward friends and strangers alike.  Not once have I ever seen Mario treat anyone with anything less than respect and decency.  I have never felt intimidated, timid, or uneasy around Mario -- quite the opposite.  I have even trusted him with keys to my apartment and let him stay at my place on several occasions… and I would again.  We talk about a lot of personal things, and never once have I been given the slightest impression that he is in any way capable of doing the things that he has been charged with, and now somehow convicted of.  It is my contention that Mario is one of the kinder, more trustworthy, and harder-working individuals that I know, and I will continue to consider him a good person who is worthy of my friendship. 
Mary Ann Schittino-Mario is my first cousin although he is more like a nephew to me because he is the same age as my son.   I thank God that I was born into this family because we are very, very close.  Mario just turned 30and I still remember the day he was born because I was due to have a child two months later and I was so excited that I was having a child that would have someone in the family the same age.  Mario is just one piece of a family puzzle that is loving, respectful, caring, giving, and compassionate and holds their moral standards to the highest degree.  The best way I can describe Mario is he is a gentle soul, has a good heart and always, always has shown respect and love to all his family and friends.  I have been in his life since the day he was born and have watched him grow up. Worked hard for his family and became a very important asset in the family business.  When he was in college he came home frequently to help out at work and be here for family functions.  After college his priority was to work hard and grow the family business for his family’s future.  When I think back over the years of my conversations with him I always thought he was very mature beyond his years.  I never saw him raise his voice or disrespect anyone.  He would go out of his way to make sure he spoke to the elder generation not just hang around his age group.  He always ask how you are and means it.
Pasquale Schittino-My wife and Mario are first cousins and my first memories of him are from 1996 when I first started dating my wife.  I remember Mario as being a little more mature than other kids in the family his age.  He reminded me more of a little adult than a pre-teen.  He was always soft spoken and seemed to be more interested in conversing with the adults than the kids.  He was always very respectful and very caring especially towards the older family members.  I really came to know him better when he was in college and after he graduated and was working with his family at their business.  I myself own a business and Mario and I would sit together and talk about business and he treated me with so much respect asking me my opinion on issues related to the family business.  He was so young but had the maturity of someone much older and his priorities were his family and working hard.  As an adult I would characterize Mario as a very responsible hard working mature man.  On a personal level he has always been very caring and loving towards everyone I have ever seen him around.  I feel very fortunate to be part of  such a loving family and Mario is a huge part of that family.
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