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Nikki K. on 1/3/2016 2:05 AM
Congratulations to you, Mario, and to your family !! May God to keep and bless you all. Sometimes the tragic in our lives are Gods training for the great things He would have us do to make this a better world. I pray that He continues to strengthen you.

One Question

The One Big Unanswered Question About Rob Render:

Our family wants to know how JPD eliminated Rob Render as a suspect in the disappearance of Brian Carrick. This is a simple and reasonable request for us to make because of the following facts:

1) ONLY Render's blood and bloody fingerprint were at the crime scene with Brian’s. Neither Mario nor Shane Lamb had any of their blood or fingerprints a...t the crime scene.

2) ONLY Render told a witness, a week before the attack on Brian, that he disliked Brian and was planning to attack Brian with a weapon.

3) ONLY Render was the person Brian Carrick was looking for when he entered Val’s for the last time before his disappearance because Render owed him money.

4) ONLY Render said he was cut in the attack on Brian and went in bathroom to bandage himself.

5) ONLY Render claimed that when the garbage was dumped he saw “legs” and “feet” in a garbage bag that “theoretically” could have belonged to Brian Carrick.

6) ONLY Render knew that there had been a knife attack outside of the cooler. (Render claimed that Shane Lamb cut him with a knife outside the produce cooler).

7) ONLY Render was missing for 1-2 hours that night.

8) ONLY Render was not eating in the pizza break room with Mario, Eddie and others from 6:45 to 7.

9) ONLY Render’s clothes were seized from his garbage on 12/26/02 by the JPD and ISP but never tested.

10) ONLY Render was seen by the mop room after the incident with a mop and the Cooler was mopped that night which we never did.

11) ONLY Render asked Lorenzo Vallone, before 7 p.m., for the key to the southeast exit door paddle lock.

12) ONLY Render left the key in the southeast exit door.

13) ONLY Render’s blood was found in 3 places on the southeast exit door.

14) ONLY Render was wearing pants that were observed to have wet red stains on them.

15) ONLY Render was found to have $100 in cash in his pocket later that night even though he was not allowed to have cash and Brian Carrick was known to have $100 in his pocket

16) ONLY Render appeared at the store Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and continued cleaning up the cooler.

17) ONLY Render quit work the day after Brian disappeared.

18) ONLY Render was caught and fired for stealing liquor from Val’s. Our family was kind enough to re-hire him.

19) ONLY Render had multiple interviews with Chief Von Allmen that were never transcribed or turned over.

20) ONLY Render had a court appearance on December 20, 2002, for a misdemeanor possession.

21) ONLY Render stated immediately after the incident that there had been a fight in the cooler.

We are not accusing Render of being the murderer, rather we are asking for the answers to the key question : How was Render eliminated as a suspect in the case. To date, the only explanation provided by the State’s Attorney is that Jacob Kepple’s floor mats did not test positive for blood after being taken from Kepple a full week after Brian disappeared. We know Render’s shoes had blood on them and we know he then walked around for at least an hour after Brian disappeared and we know he cleaned up the Cooler that night so it is not likely his shoes would leave blood on Kepple’s car mats.

We are requesting DNA testing on the underwear found in the ceiling so that there is no question that Render’s blood is not present on the underwear. We will pay for the DNA testing. Anyone who is innocent should have no fear of DNA testing or further investigation about who killed Brian Carrick.

The Casciaro Family

Free Mario

Debbie Fontaine on 10/10/2014 11:44 PM
Just watched last weeks 20/20 that I had taped. I will be praying for you Mario and your family. My heart was heavy after the show but I know that the truth does set you free. The Lord can and will avenge you. I don't know why this happened but I believe that those who call upon the Lord will see His hand working mightily on their behalf. Praying for you!!!

Free Mario

10/7/2014 6:24 PM
Mario being in jail is a travesty of justice. When he is released and his name cleared the assistant state prosecutor "Mick" should be disbarred and put in prison. It is frightening that this can happen to a person and their family. Devastating. FREE MARIO

Free Mario

Free Mario. This is so completely wrong and the evidence is not there to put him in a max security prison! It makes me sick to know that this young man is in prison when it is pretty obvious that the kid that over dosed did the crime....I am so angry about prosecutors wanted to have a story and win a case....without....proof. I am also angry that because a kid appears to be a wealthy rich kid according to one of the jurors, he becomes automatically guilty.....stupid mchenry county!!!

Free Mario

Free Mario. This is just wrong.

Incompetence by Prosecutor

Jim Moore on 10/4/2014 3:38 PM
I consider it nothing less than laziness, incompetence and possibly even corruption when a prosecutor working on behalf of The People will pursue charges of murder with nothing but the unsupported confession of another (much less a felonious loser with complete immunity). He had a better case against the other stockboy, and assuming that the DEFENSE ATTORNEY didn't make that case (he's incompetent) or that he did (and the jury was incompetent - as juries often are) attribute to how our justice system fails too many of us for the wrong reasons. Guilty people are supposed to be allowed to get away with crimes if there is not enough (or no) evidence against them. It is just as much a prosecutor's legal obligation to not waste taxpayer monies by using his ego to sponsor a court circus as it is for him to disappoint victim's families by postponing accusations until there is actual evidence to single out a bad guy. This entire story should be about prosecutor Combs and why HE should be fired and/or jailed for setting such a disaster in motion.

Ryan Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson was wrongfully convicted of a crime that he did not commit and served 10 years in prison. His case has been on good Morning America, Dateline, CNN and other Media outlets. His attorney Kathleen Zellner got his case overturned 3 months ago, since that time, he is dedicating his life to try to bring awareness to people like him. Ryan and his farther have been following our case, and will be traveling to Chicago to meet Mario. We look forward to our meeting Ryan!!

Dear Mario

Mario, Yesterday was a bittersweet day for our family. We had our annual family xmas party which started 25 years ago by your parents. We came together with heavy hearts in support of each other for the sadness in all our hearts for you and your family. Next year will be a joyous celebration for all of us because you will be with us again. The injustice that has consumed your life and our family will be righted by the truly capable knowledgeable people that uphold the true justice system in this country. You stay strong and have faith as we all do because we will never give until you are a free man. Love you, Mary Ann & Pasquale Schittino


Mario, stay strong. The injustice you suffered will be overturned.

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